Unmistakably, Nooriyah has paved her own lane when it comes to dance music. Connecting dots between diverse global music cultures; Nooriyah has made it her focus to blur those same lines, focusing on creating vivid musical diversity in her work without being told she can’t merge those vast musical communities.

Born in Saudi Arabia, raised in Japan and now based in the UK, Nooriyah, known for her work as DJ, audio producer and presenter, has spent the past decade championing sounds of the diaspora. Founding SWANA focused collaborative in London ‘Middle of Nowhere’ which went on to host her debut Boiler Room—achieving over 3,000,000 streams since.

Since her emergence into dance music, Nooriyah has gained international acclaim and performed at venues and festivals globally such as Glastonbury, Nitsa and sold out her headline shows in London at KOKO, EartH, Jazz Cafe and Colour Factory. As well as her debut European headline tour Middle of Everywhere.

Nooriyah has also produced work for BBC 4 and continues to build upon her deep musical knowledge with other audio- visual projects, including work within soundtracks for film and tv.

It is no surprise that Nooriyah has built a following that not only celebrates what she is trying to create, but wishes to build it with her.

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